Freedom Calls

How Y’all doing today?

On the About Me page I asked the following question: Do you wish to embrace life more, do you desire to seek the peace in that can be found in your life, do you crave the knowledge to survive such a change?

When FREEDOM CALLS me to action, I take a stand…

Freedoms of my life beckons me to answer the call lest captivity is what I succumb to; with that call. I have come to realize that even though I may be able to share my life with individuals in person from time to time, it is infinitely easier with a blog. My findings that I have experienced through life can be found in a number of social media websites: on YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and of course here on WordPress, and soon after I have become more comfortable in front of the camera, on Patreon.  

Over the next twelve months my interests with life, trailside, any place outside my front door, will be found in the posts here twice a week, sometimes more, about the following subjects.

When FREEDOM CALLS you to become educated…

  • Trail Etiquette:

The five basic rules to “Trail Etiquette” are: 1) It is easier to descend a trail than to ascend. If you are descending step aside. 2) Don’t destroy man made trail marker, nor add to them. 3) Leave no trace. 4) Say hello to those you encounter, knowledge is survival. 5) Share the trail. These will be special stories quite a bit different from the rest that I will share. How you may be wondering will they be different? Well, these posts will be about life outside your front door, the trails that cross your own whether you are willing to acknowledge them or not. Some of these tales are about topics that make the evening news, other times they will seem like the latest gossip from the hair salon or the hardware store. Stories that have a strong message in them.

When FREEDOM CALLS you to take action…

  • Trail Angels:

Angels are a Godsend, even on the trail. A Trail Angel is someone who provides a service or a product of some sort be it food, help, lodging, transportation or whatever it may be, maybe that one unexpected act of random kindness that helps a person on a trail to push on to the next goal. Being a trail angel is much easier than driving out to one of the dozens of National Scenic Trails and offering a bottle of water. A simple thing such as offer a bottle of Spring water is a great kindness done for someone. There are hundreds upon hundreds of other things that can be done as well. Some will keep you in your comfort zone and others will take you so far outside the comfort of your box, you won’t remember how closed off from the world you may have been. I will share a few of them with you over the coming months.

When FREEDOM CALLS you to enjoy life…

  • Campfire TV:

When out hiking some great trail taking you out to some site for an overnighter, maybe after traveling a couple thousand miles, or even gathering with others at your site or in your community sitting around a campfire sharing tales from the day’s adventures is what Campfire TV is all about. There is nothing better than sharing stories; fiction or nonfiction, scary or cute, stories are fun to share and even more fun to hear. Sometimes these stories even are about those embarrassing moments when we think no one is watching. It seems that all great stories have a point and sometimes the point is missed until some later date, but there is usually a point.

When FREEDOM CALLS you to perform…

  • Trail Magic:

Trail magic is very simply put as unexpected acts of kindness. It is a definitive part of any experience found on or off the trail. Once a person performs trail magic for another person, the performer becomes a Trail Angel. These unexpected acts can be experienced by the giver or the receiver. This type of kindness could be a ride to the next stop, a bottle of something to drink, a paracord critter, a bit of food, a tin of char cloth, a place to pitch a tent off trail, a meal after a hard day’s journey, and the list goes on and on.

When FREEDOM CALLS you to be budget minded…

  • Gear Review:

Anyone can sit down to a keyboard or perch themselves in front of a camera and tell you their thoughts on the latest piece of gear from a company that is just excellent at making thingamajigs, doohickies, whatchamacallits, doodads, and whatsits. I believe there is a place for those types of reviews, however as you will soon see those are not the kinds of reviews for gear I give. Maybe occasionally I will, though for the most part I will be giving insights into the types of gear, the pros and cons, and if it makes dollars and cents to purchase the gear for yourself, a friend or family member, to have on hand for when you encounter someone on the trail needing a bit of trail magic.

When FREEDOM CALLS you to coexist…

  • Community People:

The most interesting part about meeting people is the fact that we are all part of the same community. Whether you are a restaurateur, a custodian at the local high school, a coffee shop owner, the local dentist, a backpacker finishing a thousand mile hike, or a child living on the streets. We coexist with one another on this planet sharing our life for the little while that we draw breath. It’s great the things we can do as an individual, it is amazing and awesome what we can do when we realize we are not alone and we have others that cross our trails willing to lend a hand.  

When FREEDOM CALLS you to share a meal…

  • Trail Grub:

Gone are the days of the railroad tramp eating a hot can of baked beans with the top opened and rolled back. Nevertheless, that is still the easiest way to eat a protein rich meal. Now we have access to so many different varieties of prepared canned foods, more so than ever before. Just look at each food section on the local grocery store and choices abound. The are recipes that are traditional to the trail like Crockpot Chili and Roast Corn on the Cob, there are more non-traditional meals such as turkey tenderloin with roasted red skin potatoes and fruit pannenkoeken. We will be sharing delicious mouthwatering meals that will entice the most stubbornest person to share a bite to eat. It seems to me that there is nothing better than a potluck style cookout under a star-filled open sky.

When FREEDOM CALLS you to take a stand…

  • Spiritual:

Primarily I will be speaking from a Christian point of view on subject matter. However, I will also be speaking about other faiths as well as, and I know it is not a spirituality or a religion, but Atheism as well. I am not here to push any one belief on any one person. I will share my insights about the world around me, and at times that world is not about Christianity, it is about something more than any one religion and I intend to share those thoughts. As I stated in previous posts I follow my own trail. Straight is the gate and narrow is the path is a popular quote that at times gets twisted around as Straight is the path and narrow is the gate. If you have spent any time with other people listening to them speak; our paths in this life are not straight these paths are twisting winding trails, that splinter here and there, better known as rabbit trails or deer paths. Both of these inevitably return later on back to the original trail that we are on. My favorite spiritual story and yes I will be sharing again in a future post is about a Muslim man who came to a community known as Wild West and made an impact not matched by any other religion out there.

When FREEDOM CALLS you to get to know other parts of the tramily…

  • Who We Are:  

I will be sharing our personal experiences with you where most of the blog posts are more biographical or instructional, these posts are more to the autobiographical. Tramily is defined one way as; the people who follow the trail with you, hiking their own hike, they are your trail-family, or if this is easier to remember those that travel life’s roads with you are you travel-family. We experience this everyday with those we cross trails with. Sweets and I have some very interesting tales about our life on the road following our own trail.

When FREEDOM CALLS: Will you answer that call?..

Feel free to leave a comment below, click on the Follow button if you like what you have been reading.


Yours faithfully, Elroy

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