Homeless Awareness Week

How have Y’all been,

Let’s jump right into this post. Homeless Awareness Week is November 10 – 18, 2018, with National Homeless Day being November 10, 2018. If you haven’t noticed homelessness is something I have quite a bit of experience with. And Homeless Awareness Week is no exception to that knowledge. There are a few websites you can go to, to get connected with organizations around the state and across the nation. Every people group has homeless, some more than others.

I am challenging you to step outside of the box and get informed about the situation of homelessness. There will be statewide rallies in each state of the nation. Some of the rallies will be civil others will not be. I have been to both, and like all great causes violence occasionally happens. Though the more people that show up to these rallies with a mind set of NO violence the more peaceful they will be. I attended a rally at the Michigan State Capitol building with seminars and speeches by local and state level politicians, advocates, homeless speakers. They have been intense serious days, though many times they have been fun as well as informational.

Some organizations you may want to consider contacting are and these are not all of them:

  • Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week at hhweek.org
  • National Healthcare for the Homeless Council at http://www.nhchc.org
  • National Coalition for the Homeless at nationalhomeless.org
  • Michigan’s Campaign to End Homelessness at http://www.michigan.gov/mcteh/

I have also attended national events like the ones held in Chicago. I really don’t have a lot to say about getting out and helping those that are on the streets when it comes to attending events, volunteering your time at rallies or soup kitchens, organizing your own events. All I can say is get connected and please do your part.

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Yours faithfully, Sweets & Elroy

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