Winter Outdoor Kit

Hello Y’all,

Hope all of you are truly good today. We are doing well.

Today, I thought I would share a new Kit with you. This is Trail Magic project, and these are items that see daily use or close to it. Along with the Christmas Toiletries Kit from October 11, 2018 post this fits with this kit. In the Winter Outdoor Kit list you will see items that will benefit anyone; male, female, adult, and child. Some items on the lists will not be allowed for these kits if you decide to take a box full of these kits to a shelter, such as a fire starter kit. Though if you hand them out while on the streets shelters have little control.

“Whether you make 1 kit or 1000 kits, I challenge everyone to consider doing it. Or consider donating any of the following items to the needy.”

Most of the following products can be purchase in one store; such as Walmart, Kmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods as well as Sam’s Club or Costco and even online on such as Amazon. Products I found on Amazon are priced with quite large price ranges; Backpacks for $20.99 – $500.00+, Tent for $30.99 – $900.00+, Sleeping Bag for $9.98 – $500.00+, Sleeping Pad for $5.99 – $400.00+, Mess Kit for $12.99 – $30.99. Below I will be sharing information on specific products found at most Walmart stores. Walmart or any of the other brands mentioned in this post do not support TrailMagick89. The products listed here are products that I have used at one time or another.

For $70.26 you can brighten someone’s day.

For $7,026.00 you could give 100 people Outdoor Kits.


Primary Items **$156.53, plus the Christmas Toiletries Kit


$188.30 = Pack, Shelter (w/ Tarp Shelter), Sleep System, Cook Kit (w/ iClover), & Extras

$187.55 = Pack, Shelter (w/ Tent), Sleep System, Cook Kit (w/ Folding Stove), & Extras

**$133.67 = Pack, Shelter (w/Tarp Shelter), Sleep System, Cook Kit (w/Folding Stove), minus Extras

A Bare Minimum Kit would include: Pack, Shelter (w/ top Tarp only), Sleep System (w/Sleeping Bag only), Cook Kit (w/ Mess Kit & P-38 only)

= $70.26

PACK $27.99

  1. Backpack: Ozark Trail Hiking Backpack Eagle, 40L Capacity,
    1. $27.99

SHELTER $22.05 or $24.94

  1. Tarp: Stansport Rip Stop Tarp, Green  – 8 FT x 10 FT (to use as tent fly)
    1. $7.97
  2. Tarp: Stansport Rip Stop Tarp, Brown – 5 FT x 7 FT (to use as ground cloth)
    1. $3.11
  3. Mosquito Net: Ozark Trail, Queen
    1. $10.97


  1. Tent: Ozark Trail 3-Person Camping Dome
    1. $24.94


  1. Sleeping Bag: Coleman Green Valley Cool Weather Adult Size
    1. $25.49
  2. Sleeping Bag Liner: Texsport Fleece Sleeping Bag
    1. $17.04
  3. Sleeping Pad:Stansport Packlite – Blue – 19″ x 72″ x 3/8″
    1. $12.35
  4. Reflective Mat: Outdoor Thermal Mat Heat Reflective Sleeping Pad Insulated
    1. $13.99

COOK KIT $18.40 or $14.76

  1. Fuel Stove: iClover Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition,Butane/Butane Propane Canister Compatible
    1. $9.59


  1. Folding Stove: Folding Stove with Fuel
    1. $5.95
  2. Mess Kit: Stansport Black Granite Steel; Cup, Utensils, Pot w/ Lid, Pan w/ Lid
    1. $8.56
  3. Can Opener: P-38
    1. $0.25

EXTRAS $50.99

  1. Headlamp: Ozark Trail 100 Lumen LED Headlamp with Batteries
    1. $6.97
  2. Water Filter: Sawyer Products SP128 MINI Water Filtration System
    1. $19.97 (good for up to 100,000 gallons of water)
  3. Waterproofing Spray:Silicone Water-Guard Water Repellent, 13.13 Ounces
    1. $5.97 (it has an Orange Cap)
  4. Guy-Line Cord: 1/4″ Neon Reflective Guyline Camping Tent Tarp Rope 50′ Line Cord
    1. $7.19
  5. Bug Repellent: Sawyer Products Permethrin Premium Clothing Insect Repellent, 9-oz
    1. $5.92 (it goes on your clothes not your skin)
  6. Poncho: Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite Poncho
    1. $4.97


Feel free to leave a comment below, if you found anything of use in this post click on the Follow button.

Yours faithfully, Sweets & Elroy

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