Blogging & NaNoWriMo & Vets

Hello Y’all,

We have had a busy two weeks as we have been doing our usual nine to five things, along with spending time each day working together and individually on parts of our novel for NaNoWriMo. The title is a working title, it has been; Welcome to Onion Patch, Welcome to Kenning County, Finding the Oasis, and The Oasis. Just as the blog posts prior to this one, here at TrailMagick89, have been about the lifestyle of living Homefree and being a Community Person in the big world, so is the story.

Sweets has been doing her part to contribute to the story. I had asked her at the beginning to work on different subjects that I could incorporate into the story. I then take what she has written and place them within the story. She has written on fifteen subjects and four thousand two hundred words to date with an addition twelve to finish by the end of the month. In the posts over the next few weeks you all will get to see a little of what she saw while we were homefree. Each of her posts are short, though they are insightful. Her subjects include; One) The Wigwam, Two) Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Three) Homefree, Four) Zion Park, Five) When God Says Go, Six) Homefree Revised, Seven) Handfasting, Eight) Finding the Oasis, Nine) The Bull’s Breakfast, Ten) Point In Time Count, Eleven) Zion to Oasis, Twelve) Three Pennies, Thirteen) Liquor Store Bandits, Fourteen) Homeless Advocates, and Fifteen) Homeless Missionaries.

In today’s post I would like you all to read a bit from Sweets’ perspective on the Wigwam.

“The wigwam is what we called home while we were in Oasis. It went through a few transformations but it held up and did its job. We started out on top of a hill in just a tent. Around Thanksgiving is when we decided to move down into the bowl. We had to be there in that area within two weeks. So after we got home from lunch we went to work. I stayed at the first site packing up what I could and staying dry. It had started to rain which we knew would turn to snow in a few hours. Elroy went down, picked the spot and started making a wigwam base. He then came and got me and our tent. We put the tent up then worked at the wigwam to fit over it for added protection against the snow. The first time it was more of a triangular shape and it worked well. One of our friends, Gnome, that was staying at the men’s shelter had gotten kicked out, so he got his tent and came out to Oasis with us. So he and Elroy worked on another design for the wigwam. In the end it was big enough for our two tents,  a fire pit in the middle, storage on the sides and had room for six to eight people to sit comfortably around the fire. It was covered by an old cabin style tent that ripped (yes, a blue tent) and a white outrigger awning sail cloth that we used above the fire pit. We were given two bicycle flags that we also put up to help mark our site for visitors.”

In the post you will see that she took care to take care of her home and two take care to make sure that details were taken care of. She opened our home to a friend that needed a place to stay when a shelter kicked him out. He was kicked out because he did not agree with the constant preaching that because anyone that is “homeless” is sinning and that no matter what we do from that day out we are all destined for hell. Yeah, there are people like that running some homeless shelters, shelters that insist that you have to sit through a sermon to get a meal. Gnome stood up for himself and all those that were sitting listening to that garbage and the result was being barred from the Lansing City Rescue Mission for three months. He was barred from sleeping there, eating there, receiving any assistance of any sort. Thank the Lord that is not the only place in the area to get assistance now or at that time. By the way, Gnome is a Vet.

I have enjoyed looking at her posts and incorporating them into the story. A future post you will get to see I may even include a snippet from the story. She makes life worth living my dear precious Sweets. She has stood by me in many ways and the two most important ways are first being my Sister in Christ and second being my wife.

I would like to say thank you to all the Veterans out there today. Semper Fidelis is from the United States Marine Corps, it means Always Faithful. And in today’s time I request that you thank a Vet regardless if you support the United States Military or not. That choice of support is a freedom hard fought for, and lives have been given for you to have that freedom and that choice. Every person that has joined the United States Military has signed on a document that basically says they have written a check to be paid in full for service to this country and its residents of up to and including their life.

Semper Fidelis,

Sweets & Elroy


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