National November

Hello Everyone,

November as you know impacts me quite a lot. It is National Novel Writing Month, National Homeless Awareness Month, National Caregiver Month, and National Epilepsy Month.

What have you done this November?

I know that my caregiver, Sweets, is the most precious gift God has given me right after salvation. She has shown me grace and patience beyond measure. She supported me as I wrote seventy six thousand, five hundred seventy eight words in just under seventeen days for NaNoWriMo. Actually, it was one hundred and twenty five thousand words but for personal reasons I did not include all the words I wrote in that time. Basically, I am working on a new project, or rather we are working on a new project. A project that I am typing much slower so I have a lot less spelling errors. It drives me nuts with typing as fast as I can and having red squiggly lines under half the words that I write. So I am working on our new Work In Progress. It is loaded with a colony of plot bunnies, page goats, there are a few rabbit trails and rabbit holes along with a number of deer paths. And it covers a variety of subjects that I cover here just on a much more personal level. When it is done I expect I will be close to sixty thousand words. It is not unusual for me to crank out massive word counts as you have guessed. And we both enjoy writing so it is even more enjoyable. It came from a close friend asking me last week just as I finished my word count, what has the walk that you walk influenced your life? We had been working through a book called Sharing Jesus, without Freaking Out. Something that Sweets and I have little trouble with. There are those occasions that it does come a bit difficult but after our life together it is just part of what we do. At one time I had thought about whether I should share Jesus in these posts. And then I realized that ‘Why not?’. So I mention my faith quite often. Just like when we would share Him when we are homeless and people either accepted our help or they did not; I share my walk with everyone I know, it may be subtle but I share him. I have some of the most unusual list of acquaintances and friends and I cherish them all. We do not have to see eye to eye on everything, that is part of life. Paul mentioned that a couple of times in his writings and it makes sense. Though religious people think they need to call me out of that, not sure why.

Sweets has made sure to some extent to make sure that my writing is getting done. Even when I have been dealing with writer’s block, I have taken to praying for the block to be removed from my mind. And I know that is not how the Lord works, he gives up the opportunities for us to do the things we pray about and  that means at times I look at my list of word prompts or I look at the previous posts to get motivated to push through it. I even read news articles about the very subjects I am wanting to write about. I take and look at what motivates me. Now I know I could read scripture and share it here and on occasion I have shared it. Though many times I choose not to. I once had a friend try to impose his religion on me over my belief and my response has been quoted by others since that day; ‘Get your religion out of the way of my faith.’ We each have our own beliefs and we each have a doctrine that we follow. It is part of us whether we want to admit it or not. Doctrine is defined as; a belief or set of beliefs held and taught by a church, political party, or other group. And whether you are spiritual or not there is doctrine, even if it is self imposed doctrine that governs each of us and the choices we make. And of course some of that doctrine for me has nothing to do with God, though I know a few people that would argue that, about my stance on the homeless, the homefree, and the nomadic of this country. And seeing that this is National Homeless Month and National Homeless Week there is doctrine involved it those concepts for me, there is doctrine involved in National Epilepsy Month some of which I fight against, some of it I agree with. There is of course doctrine from the Bible that I believe unconditionally. Oh wait, the English Bible is not possibly one hundred percent God’s Word because it is not Chaldean, Hebrew, or Greek. You are right in that; however if you are going to study the Bible which scripture does say to do, what does the Spirit tell your spirit. Scripture is a spiritual thing. I know, ‘Get your religion out of the way of my faith.’ Just so you know as a hobby I study the Scriptures during the Winter months in the original languages and all I can say is, “WOW!”. The original languages are amazing. And November is National Bible Month and the week of Thanksgiving is National Bible Week. Again I ask, What have you done this November? Have you wrote a story, have you done something for the homeless, have you thanked a caregiver (mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, guardians, professional caregivers, etc.), reached out to someone that has epilepsy or PNES (psychogenic non-epileptic seizures), have you done anything that has enriched your life. Everyday, I am seeking new ways to enrich mine. And yes that means communicating with God for me. If you are not busy this weekend or at some point in the future think about serving at a soup kitchen, or taking up the other challenges this month.

If you are new to my blog I do have a tendency to call out my readers.

Semper Fidelis, Sweets and Elroy  

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