GET OUT!, Part 1

Hello Everyone,

Recently I was informed that my actions do not quite line up with being a Christian, of course by other people claiming to be Christian. It seems to happen this time of year. Regardless of the religion, some people seem to be on edge more than their usual selves. There are quite a few people that take everything in stride. So, over the next few posts including this one I will be looking at what makes a Christian, well a Christian:

  1. Is it the denominations we are a part of?
  2. Is it the fancy names we claim?
  3. Is it the beliefs we stand on?
  4. Is it the traditions we cling to?
  5. Is it the words we recite?
  6. Is it the rituals we perform?
  7. Is it the programs we participate in?
  8. Is it our meeting places?
  9. Is it the special events we host?
  10. Is it the songs we sing?
  11. Is it the clothes we wear?
  12. Is it the book we read?
  13. Is it the music we listen to?
  14. Is it the Lord we strive to obey?
  15. Is it the volunteer work?
  16. Is it the tithes and offerings we give?
  17. Is it the community involvement?
  18. Is it the public opinion we receive?
  19. Is it the words we use?
  20. Is it our passions, gifts, or talents?
  21. Is it how we interact with the brethren?
  22. Is it how we interact with the public?
  23. Is it how we interact with other religions, or non-religions?
  24. Is it the way we interact with religious people?
  25. And as time goes on this list may get longer…

To quote Geoffrey Chaucer from A Knight’s Tale: “Uh, interesting question actually. Yes, and then at the same time a huge, resounding no”. This answer can be given for each and every question on this list. What can I say, I know quite a few people that will say that I am NOT “acting like a good little Christian”; yet when it comes to actually citing the Scripture that they think I am violating they back down, and give the ever popular “you know what you did, just look it up”, with an attitude like that it makes me wonder what they are feeling guilty about. And to quote Robt. R. VanWoert “Get your religion out of the way of my faith”. So this new series that I will be taking quite a lot of time to blog about will be aptly entitled, “Get Out!”

What is it that makes us a Christian? The answer is short and simple yet extremely complex. And without looking into those other religions; the general parts of these answers will hold true for each of those religions.

Semper Fidelis, Sweet & Elroy

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