Missive 9: the Bucket List

Missive 9: 1 January 2019

Greetings Tramily and Welcome to your ninth TrailMagick89 tramily missive,

This is the year that we, Sweets and I, knock a few things off of our bucket list. We have a few bucket list items that we have put on our bucket list. The first item on our list was to start a business together and today is the grand opening of TrailMagick89. Yeah, yeah we know we have been posting for quite some time and making statements about a variety of subjects; we would call those posts our soft opening.

Well, you may be wondering what a “Tramily” is there are two definitions and we will be using the second definition. As you know we each walk our own trail. Tramily – travel family or trail family. Most people that have become part of a tramily have trail names and as you know ours are Sweets and Elroy. I was given mine by a fellow traveler, who gave me the name as I looked like an old time farmer. And Elroy was the name he associated with old time farmers. Sweets was given her name because she reminded him of his daughter and her mannerisms were so sweet.

Now as this year dawns we will be focusing on our spiritual walk with Jesus, improving our health, and backpacking more and more. Each Tuesday after today we will be either posting about what makes a Christian a Christian on every odd numbered Tuesday, on the even numbered Tuesdays we will be looking at our specific health concerns and how they effect our Bucket List. In sharing what we experience, our hope is that even when health is a concern, our items on a Bucket List can still be checked off.

I was told last Summer I should consider changing my trail name to Trail Magic as wherever I go I have a tendency to hand out power bars and bottles of water. Most people know me enough that I am a grumpy person. And even when I am filled with great joy I am still grumpy, well at least I look that way. It surprises people when I walk up to them and offer a bit of food.

Well this missive is slowly taking shape and it is due to the fact that we want to make sure it is from the heart and not negative. Most of the more controversial posts we have done gets more likes and we seem to get more people following us. That has ended with the end of 2018.

So dear tramily I will be posting blog missives that fit in a happier more pleasant view. Bucket Lists are a unique thing. Many people have them and they include items that people want to do before they die. More often than not they are based on an individual. We have decided to take our Bucket List and merge them so that we can experience life together.

To simply put or rather address what make a Christian a Christian is a follower of Christ. What determines whether or not Sweets and I will knock things off of our Bucket List is can we wake up each morning and put one foot in front of another over and over again. And finally posting on Thursdays will be going towards blog missives about planning each part of each item on our Bucket List.

We appreciate that you stuck around until the end. If you have found any value in this post, hit that like button and subscribe to the TrailMagick89 blog. Feel free to leave a comment below, or even share your thoughts below; until next time make sure to seek your own peace while you embrace your life.

Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets

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