Missive 10: Happy Trails

3 January 2019

Hello Tramily and Welcome to our tenth TrailMagick89 tramily missive,

Well come this Spring hopefully March, most likely April we will be tackling an item on our Bucket List. That item is backpacking the Michigan Shore to Shore Trail. We plan on taking the route from Au Sable and spending the next two hundred twenty miles to Empire.

The first step is to get the printed map set from the Michigan Trail Riders Association. And with the map set plot out; where we will be spending each night, where the water sources are (for the first quarter of the trail we will have the Au Sable to supply us with water), and of course with an early to mid Spring backpacking trip we have to carry the right equipment and gear that we will be warm in at night yet comfortable in during the day. So we have quite a lot of planning. We have backpacked around mid Michigan, something like four hundred miles, as well as a variety of towns and villages.

The maps are the best way to plot out the trip as just by going to Google Maps the route is considerably shorter at one hundred fifty eight miles. We could follow the shorter route though our Bucket List does not have ‘Backpacking from Lake Huron to Lake Michigan’ on it, it has “Backpack the Michigan Shore to Shore Trail in reverse’. So we will be starting out on the beach in Au Sable, which in early Spring ought to be quite cold; and ten to twenty days later we plan on stepping foot in Lake Michigan.

Sweets has yet to see the sun rise or set over a body of water. So our goal is to also knock that off of our Bucket List. Which could also add a day or two on either end of the trip or both.

Finding water is relatively easy all along the trail, though it will depend on whether the hand pumps are opened when we get passed the Au Sable River. There is a couple of sections that we have to carry a days worth of water three of the days. And that may not seem too bad as water per gallon only weighs eight pounds, though it will be later Winter or early Spring which means we carry warmer gear. And thicker clothing as well as more clothing. We are not well experienced backpackers and hiking in sand and snow will be a unique interesting experience.

As of December thirty first I will be ending my last bad habit and that will give us an additional five to ten dollars a week. I plan on using that money towards purchasing equipment that we need such as Darn Tough socks, a backpacking tent or hammocks or custom tarps with a bug net, BRS stove, Trail Buddy Trekking Poles, and the list goes on and on. Yes, I know that there is no way five to ten dollars a week for three to four months will pay for everything, it will help though.

Some of the items we are thinking about buying will most likely be hand made by us or a friend; in which case we will share those experiences as well as what we did to make them. We are even curious if we can make the light weight backpacking stove. So Happy Trails to you, our tramily..

We appreciate you sticking around until the end. If you have found any value in this post, hit that like button and subscribe to the TrailMagick89 blog. Feel free to leave a comment below; until next time make sure to seek peace while you embrace life.

Semper Fidelis, Sweets & Elroy

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