Winter Wonder Breakfast

4 April 2019, Thursday

Greetings from our family to yours and Welcome to another TrailMagick89 missive,

As I mention in another post about John and his buddies came out and made those in Wild West breakfast one wintry snowy day. John had been out the day before scouting out a spot to set up the chuck wagon style kitchen. Instead of a chuck wagon they were using folding tables, turkey fryer burners, cast iron skillets and a collapsible canopy hauled in on wild game sleds.

That was the usual mode of transportation for most of the supplies that quite a few people used to haul in supplies. John had showed up the previous Monday and announce what he and his buddies had in mind, with the question, “Would everyone be interested in some home cooked food out here?” Gnome piped up and said “yes”. So Gnome, Sweets, and I made it a point to mention it to anyone and everyone we came across what was going to be happening that upcoming Saturday.

We had traveled up and down the trails to all of the local sites and encampments to invite as many as was willing to come. We even came across one person that eventually set up camp in Wild West. The other residents weren’t to happy at first, though over time they came to consider Captain Pinky as one of their own. He was a little aggressive when it came to outsiders.

So whenever the local college kids would come into Wild West he was the one watching them. Some of those kids were a little unnerved by him and didn’t come back, others came down to visit and to get to know the residents of Wild West, and those few that came down to cause trouble he was basically the Wild West watchdog. More than a few were dragged out of Wild West by Captain Pinky holding onto their earlobe, apologizing as they went.

Anyway, John and his buddies arrived early to set up, just as the sun was coming up over Wild West. Because of the location of the encampment to the freeway and the thickness of the woods Sunrise was usually one hour later than the rest of the city and Sunset was usually an hour and a half to two hours earlier. It made for interesting visits from many people at odd hours day and night.

They brought in the canopy and had it up pretty quick, and as two of them were working on the canopy another member of John’s buddies started making hot chocolate. Once we had our first hot chocolate, for the first time in a few months, Cajun and I headed out to invite any last minute people to breakfast. When we returned two tables were set up; one for utensils, pots, pans, plates, cups – you name it, the table was loaded and the second table had steaming roaster pans already set out with hot food inside; there was Maple smoked sausage, thick cut bacon, fresh made drop biscuits, toast from homemade bread, farm fresh eggs, buckwheat flapjacks, sausage gravy, and then there was an Igloo cooler with more hot chocolate, coffee with creamer and sugar available, fresh orange juice, and fresh milk.

One of the guys brought some homemade Summer Sausage from a deer he had shot and another had brought in some smoke salmon that he had caught. The forest smelled amazing that day. Two other of the buddies had set up a simple washing station and were washing dishes as they were dirtied. Those two were even picking up trash from what they had created.

The members of Wild West were relatively clean when it came to keeping the encampment clean. Of course cigarette butts could be found, for the most part though they kept the community clean. I know on the news that waste and trash is part of every encampment. Usually that is because there isn’t a place to dispose of waste easily.

Wild West had access to a nearby dumpster where garbage bags could be dumped out into it and then be reused. John had brought close to twelve of his buddies and before breakfast was wrapped up that day about one o’clock probably three dozen people ate along with them. They came in to make a hard day in the woods better and it became a good day. They did just as they said they would do.

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Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets

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