Caution: Construction Zone

16 April 2019, Tuesday
Hello Everyone and Welcome to this your 39th TrailMagick89 missive,
Isaiah 28:16 says; “Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste”. So what we are about to share how could we possibly be even a little nervous. Thank you all for following us on our continuing journey.
Last week if you noticed we posted on Facebook and Instagram that TrailMagick89 was under construction. I figured that y’all may want to know what is going on with that. Well we have big news. HUGE NEWS. BIG BIG HUGE HUGE NEWS!
We are leaving Clio Michigan, sort of.
We are leaving our apartment in June and riding on Max the Rover. The idea is to head to Port Huron from Clio to visit friends then up to Bay City where we bought our trike at Ray’s Bike Shop for its annual check up then on to Petoskey. It is kind of an unofficial bicycle route across lower Michigan as a shore to shore.
I heard about it two years ago from a cyclist friend that rode from Muskegon to Port Huron as a Lake to Lake ride, he informed us that there is group of riders that take a ride from Port Huron to Petoskey each Summer and that we should join them, because “the more the merrier”. We are basically going to cycle around Michigan following where God leads us stopping in the various towns and cities chatting with the homeless, lending a hand when asked, sharing a story or a meal, staying a few days, and moving on. We are going where the Lord and the road takes us. As Winter approaches to whichever town or city we are in we will find a storage unit to store the trike in and find an apartment, a hostel, a pay by the month hotel and stay until Spring and then hit the road again.
You may be wondering why the construction sign. That would be our apartment; we have been going through our belongings, we have been blessed with everything we could have possibly have needed since moving to Clio, and so in turn we have shared that wealth with our friends here in Clio. We will be keeping our doctors, our bank, and our church.
Some of our furniture is already gone to friends that definitely needed the shelving and desk. The blinds have gone back up as the curtains will have a new home this week at the Coffee Shop. Most of our clothing will be going to Life-Line Church’s Clothing Give-a-Way very soon.
We have had the most busiest past week as we have confirmed with doctors and life coaches that we could leave at the end of our lease to legally leave without losing any benefits. A few years ago I applied for pastoral certification and last week I received an email reminding me that I was approved on February 15, 2013 and where could they send my documentation if i would like it? I was floored, I felt so blessed.
Back in 2008 I was finishing up two years of attending Bible institute and Bible College simultaneously while one suggested that I volunteered my time for hands on experience in the pastoral field the other required that I received experience in the pastoral field as well as volunteer work. So needless to say we are following God’s leading; we are EXCITED! So needless to say our lives are under construction thanks to our wonderful Lord.
Our apartment is a mess. Our belongings are dwindling in to manageable piles. We have been blessed from our time here in Clio from the different ministries here such as Celebrate Recovery ran by Pastor Jon Keeling out to New Covenant. As well as the other places mentioned in this missive as well as many, many, many more.
We appreciate that you stuck around until the end. If, you have found any value in this post, make sure to hit the “Like” button and “Subscribe” to TrailMagick89 blog. Please feel free to share your thoughts below. You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, and of course WordPress.
Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets

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