Be Prepared: P 38


Good Afternoon from our tramily here at TrailMagick89 to your family for a dispatch,

Have you ever been in the kitchen preparing a meal; you have gathered all the ingredients, all the bowls, pots, and utensils or so you thought and just as you are about to finish you are missing a key utensil?

That is what it is like for many thousands of homeless each year with their first experiences cooking outdoors. Some kind person has been generous enough to bring by cans of food, pots to cook it in, maybe even a bowl to eat out of; the problem with each of those items is that they are not complete in and of themselves. The bowl needs a spoon or spork, the pot needs a pot holder or a pair of off-set pliers, and the cans of food need a food old fashioned can opener.

The can opener style is very important for the lifestyle of living unsheltered; a US Army P 38 Can Opener is compact, durable, and fits on a dog tag chain or key ring and I can tell you a P 38 will far outlast the person using it. If cost is a concern for you, you can pick up a dozen of them on Amazon for roughly six dollars. I have seem them even cheaper at military supply stores.

Now be careful there are a few people when they here that you have a P 38 for them to open their soup can they will think you are talking about a Walther P-38. I know it sound far fetched and some of my stories do come across that way, however; Cali did just that. According to Captain Catherine he was only eighteen years old. However, as Cali told it he had already spent four years in the United States Marine Corps, most of that on secret missions in the special forces.

He was interested in how we opened cans of food without wasting all the food inside the can. Please be prepared.

Have a great week everyone and God bless,

Semper Fidelis Elroy and Sweets

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