A Rebel’s Wish List

25 April 2019, Thursday

Greetings from our family to yours and Welcome to another TrailMagick89 missive,

As a class project a few years ago Sweets and I were to write a business plan about opening a restaurant, bar, and boarding house rooms; for part of the plan we had to design the lay out and more specifically the decoration, lay out and design of the front of the house. The best part we have always held on to those ideas and over the years we have realized that we could take those ideas, scale them down and put them in a tiny house.

For the exterior of the building we are going with the Americana style. Most of the exterior will be corrugated steel; we are in love with Old Glory so that the roof will be barn red, the eaves, corner trim, and wains-coating will be egg shell white, and the window and door trim as well as the upper walls will be Navy blue. All of the windows will be double hung with emergency exit window in the bedroom.

Some of the other ideas to go with that are: walk-in showers with a bench, using alternative energy (solar, thermal, wind), wind turbines for the outlets to charge rechargeable devices, a wind turbine for water pump, metal roof, using reclaimed materials, single story, covered porch, Vardo style bed with surrounded by book shelves with hand made mattresses, futon/double beds with hand made mattress,

Indoor storage for trikes and bikes, full sized double sink, reuseable water system, under the bed storage, lots of windows with working shutters, exterior slider doors, window boxes, rain water collection, stove with oven, emergency exit by the bedrooms, steampunk themed, use natural edged wood, Sawyer drinking water system, wood floors, using a fifteen feet double axle 10,500 pound trailer, using a combination wood/propane heater, arched roof, six leveling jacks, red, white, & blue Americana color scheme, On-Demand water heater, many secret storage places, and a dish rack over the sink.

After making such a list and realizing that this sort of thing would be possible even with a smaller trailer. In the state of Michigan living in a tiny home year round is illegal because they are consider RVs (Recreational Vehicles). Though if we went with a long trail of say sixty-two feet long at eight feet four inches wide or even a slightly smaller trailer of eight feet wide then the tiny house on wheels for the homeless would meet the manufactured housing requirements and then they would have year round housing that was legal in every state in America.

Gee, housing for the homeless what a novel thought. And that would be a rebellion against the system while following their stupid rules.

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Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets

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