Journal Entry #2

The volunteers we came in contact with while living Homefree were pretty awesome.  There were a few that would visit the day room regularly.  They enjoyed sitting and talking with anyone that came in everyday and hearing their stories.

One lady started knitting cowels when the weather turned cold.  Some would even help fill out and explain different paperwork that some needed to do to get assistance of any kind to improve their life.  A few even stepped up and helped with transportation if needed.

We had a few people that were just talk, no action.  They were “Christians” that never followed through with anything; Christian by religion, not by faith.  The most disheartening of the bunch.

“We will come out to the community and help clean up any trash.”  They never showed up.  “Tell me one thing you would like for Christmas.”

We all shared, not one gift showed up.  All the items that were given were under $10. Try being a volunteer at a day room or a shelter; it can be fun and rewarding.

COFFEE QUOTES: #2 Drink coffee, read books, be happy.


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