About us:


So how Y’all doing today?

Do you wish to embrace life more, do you desire to seek the peace in that can be found in your life, do you crave the knowledge to survive such a change?

Sitting outside enjoying the cool air of early Autumn, hearing the constant chirps of the crickets and the occasional caw of a blackbird calling to its mate. Sweets is busily working next to me removing the bark from her walking stick, her hands adept to the task before, twisting the branch back and forth as she guides the blade across its surface. And here, in this moment, is where I realize that the blog that I have undertaken is in need of as much passion as the limb in Sweets’ proficient hands. Seeing the detail with which she works spurs me on to create a greater blog for TrailMagick89 than I originally had the inclination to undertake.

As I share with you what I have mastered from this life I freely feel alive in, my hope is that you to will see your life freed of its trappings. Over the coming year I will share how your life can be changed by reaching out to those around you, whether they are homefree, backpacker, nomad, vagabond, or wanderer. Have you ever wondered what life is like reaching out to those living under a blanket of stars, living within walls of cloth, or travel under their own power to live? I have lived that life, I yet still live countless aspects of it.

Over the next twelve months I plan to share with you “Special Reports” regarding specific takes on life outside our (yours and mine) front door,  with “Trail Angel” we will see the unique conditions surrounding such a noble title, with “Campfire TV” I will be sharing entertaining and sometimes embarrassing stories of my life on the streets and on the trail, for “Trail Magic” to be successful it needs to come from the heart – with these simple projects it can be just that, for equipment to be useful it needs to be understood differently in “Gear Review” I will take you through a process to access the variety of gear required to survive outdoors, “Community People” is everyone; those on the street, those in skyscrapers in New York making million dollar deals, the street sweepers working the early morning and those hiking through the High Sierras, have you ever wondered what kind of “Trail Grub” can be found in the cookpot of a campsite in a homeless community (it is not a can of baked beans), and finally “Who We Are: Sweets and Elroy” I will share personal accounts from our life as we moved from having homes, and jobs, and families to living in shelters at first, then to the streets hiking our own trail, and finally coming to a place we call home.


Please consider following TrailMagick89.


Yours faithfully, Elroy

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