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How the Beginning Continued

16 May 2019, Thursday

Greetings from our family to yours and Welcome to another TrailMagick89 missive,

I had two weeks to get to New Eagle Pennsylvania. I had to say good-bye to my girlfriend, move everything from the room I was renting, collect my last paychecks, book tickets on Greyhound from Lansing to Pittsburgh all just as the Summer Olympics were beginning in two thousand eight. I traveled by bus from Lansing to Pittsburgh reading my favorite book; In His Steps by Charles Sheldon.

When I arrived I was picked up and taken the next day to the factory that I was hired to work at to find out that in the two weeks it took me to travel to my destination had lost the government contract. Then I was told they would be closed indefinitely until the company could gain another contract which from what the office manager said would not be for another two to three months. So I returned to the room I had rented with the last of my money, and made a plan to start looking for work. I began to attend Riverview Baptist Church. And the church had three events scheduled for the week along with Wednesday evening and Sunday morning and evening services.

So with no family or friends in town, no job, a bag of clothes, a novel, a Bible, and mountain sickness I attended as many events as I could, I also helped a church member move down river, and walked into business after business looking for work. As the week progressed I became more and more distraught, I continued to pray for the Lord to break me. And in that short time I got to know the congregation of that little church by the river very well.

I still had no job and no money by the end of the week and then I was homeless. I made a few phone calls to a friend in Michigan and by the second day I was on a bus back to Michigan. My brother had made arrangements for me to return and when I was picked up by my mother she dropped me off at the City Rescue Mission of Lansing and that was when my time began on the streets and still I prayed. It was the second week of the Summer Olympics when I had returned with less than I had left with. A friend that I had met in Pennsylvania had told me they would bring my belongings to Michigan when they came a week later.

A month after I was back I found out that the friend had thrown out my belongings, my family had begun to invite my ex-wife and her boyfriend (now husband) to family events. And I was broken. I continued to pray for God to lead me.

I spent each night praying for each man in each bunk at the shelter. I began learning the ropes as well as started going to the CSL Plasma Center in South Lansing. I learned that though everyone that was part of my life had moved on.

I attended church at the shelter each Sunday. The biggest problem I had with the shelter was to get a warm meal or a bed to sleep in you had to hear about Jesus from a different person each night. Now hearing about Jesus never gets dull however, when there is a different version each night and they each believe they are right at some point you just stop listening.

Jesus had finally answered my prayer. Oh and by the way; in the years that I stayed at the shelter, ate meals there, or received a food package from there I never did see the church I had been a Youth Pastor at.

This concludes part two.

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Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets

Glo–ry! Hal–le–lu–jah!

19 April 2019, Friday

Greetings to all of you on this glorious Resurrection weekend from the TrailMagick89 family to your 40th blog post,

Father God is Miraculous!

Lent has turned out to be one of the most interesting times for us this year. And the weeks leading up to Pentecost are going to be just as wonder filled we believe. Usually the posts you find here at TrailMagick89 have some Christianity sprinkled throughout the posts – this blog will be LOADED! We were blessed the first few days of Lent, then we were blessed again repeatedly the first week of Lent, then we were blessed yet much, much, much more the second week, and it keeps going and growing and going and growing.

Jesus is Miraculous!

We felt the Lord nudging us to simply, “Go.” At first, like in the past it was like a quiet whisper, on the breeze, from the Holy Ghost. As those first few days progressed though the quiet whisper became a bit louder, as did the breeze that carried it. That breeze became a blustery wind carrying Spring’s first tree buds to the ground as they began to pelt our living room window. I vividly and clearly remember waking up early and audibly asking the Lord ‘what would you like to discuss today Lord?’

The Holy Ghost is Miraculous!

I have been waking up early each day since and talking to the Lord, meditating, reading scripture pretty much whatever I am feeling led to do. I went from going to sleep at 4:00a.m. or 5:00a.m. to now waking up between 5:30a.m. and 6:30a.m. Evidently, I need to get used to being up early to be out on the road early to get to where we are going to get to the people that we need to meet that day. (Five weeks ago I was sleeping on a third shifters schedule, and I was fine with that – four weeks and six days ago I switched over to first shift over night.)

Father God is WONDERFUL!

Our blessings have come at us in a furious flurry. Sweet’s sleep doctor was the first to suggest, to encourage, and to support the idea that we get out on our trike this Summer. We went with the idea to our primary care physician and she was excited about the idea and proceeded to direct us on what we needed to do to make it happen. I for the first time in years am on a first shifters schedule as Summer is approaching.


We spoke with our current landlord a couple of days ago and he informed us that when we get up North that he recently purchased an apartment building and to give him a call when we arrive for a possible apartment. I am 8 year marijuana & cocaine free; 2-1/2 years alcohol free (Sweets is also celebrating being alcohol free as well), and going on one month tobacco free. Sweets did not do drugs or tobacco, however she is alcohol free for 30 months now. On Resurrection Sunday I will be headache and seizure free for one month.

The Holy Ghost is WONDERFUL!

On top of our primary care physician and Sweets’ sleep doctor approving this adventure my neurologist, life coaches, and counselor/therapist have also approved this trip as well. The blessings keep coming. Since the blessing started coming we have been able to share our belongings with others such as my clothing with a couple of men that were low of clothing because of life.

Father God is AWESOME!

Along with a pair of leather work boots. We were also able to bless another couple with some furniture that have been in need of it. Blessings all around.

Jesus is AWESOME!

I was able to bless a man who had lost his clothing with a wardrobe of clothing and new work boots. I thank God for the blessing of being drug, alcohol, and tobacco free. It is a miraculous healing of Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, Master and Messiah.

The Holy Ghost is AWESOME!

We are leaving Clio in June; heading East to Port Huron, then North-West to Bay City, North some more to Petoskey, and then South to Houghton Lake.

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Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets

Caution: Construction Zone

16 April 2019, Tuesday
Hello Everyone and Welcome to this your 39th TrailMagick89 missive,
Isaiah 28:16 says; “Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste”. So what we are about to share how could we possibly be even a little nervous. Thank you all for following us on our continuing journey.
Last week if you noticed we posted on Facebook and Instagram that TrailMagick89 was under construction. I figured that y’all may want to know what is going on with that. Well we have big news. HUGE NEWS. BIG BIG HUGE HUGE NEWS!
We are leaving Clio Michigan, sort of.
We are leaving our apartment in June and riding on Max the Rover. The idea is to head to Port Huron from Clio to visit friends then up to Bay City where we bought our trike at Ray’s Bike Shop for its annual check up then on to Petoskey. It is kind of an unofficial bicycle route across lower Michigan as a shore to shore.
I heard about it two years ago from a cyclist friend that rode from Muskegon to Port Huron as a Lake to Lake ride, he informed us that there is group of riders that take a ride from Port Huron to Petoskey each Summer and that we should join them, because “the more the merrier”. We are basically going to cycle around Michigan following where God leads us stopping in the various towns and cities chatting with the homeless, lending a hand when asked, sharing a story or a meal, staying a few days, and moving on. We are going where the Lord and the road takes us. As Winter approaches to whichever town or city we are in we will find a storage unit to store the trike in and find an apartment, a hostel, a pay by the month hotel and stay until Spring and then hit the road again.
You may be wondering why the construction sign. That would be our apartment; we have been going through our belongings, we have been blessed with everything we could have possibly have needed since moving to Clio, and so in turn we have shared that wealth with our friends here in Clio. We will be keeping our doctors, our bank, and our church.
Some of our furniture is already gone to friends that definitely needed the shelving and desk. The blinds have gone back up as the curtains will have a new home this week at the Coffee Shop. Most of our clothing will be going to Life-Line Church’s Clothing Give-a-Way very soon.
We have had the most busiest past week as we have confirmed with doctors and life coaches that we could leave at the end of our lease to legally leave without losing any benefits. A few years ago I applied for pastoral certification and last week I received an email reminding me that I was approved on February 15, 2013 and where could they send my documentation if i would like it? I was floored, I felt so blessed.
Back in 2008 I was finishing up two years of attending Bible institute and Bible College simultaneously while one suggested that I volunteered my time for hands on experience in the pastoral field the other required that I received experience in the pastoral field as well as volunteer work. So needless to say we are following God’s leading; we are EXCITED! So needless to say our lives are under construction thanks to our wonderful Lord.
Our apartment is a mess. Our belongings are dwindling in to manageable piles. We have been blessed from our time here in Clio from the different ministries here such as Celebrate Recovery ran by Pastor Jon Keeling out to New Covenant. As well as the other places mentioned in this missive as well as many, many, many more.
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Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets