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Give of Yourself

11 April 2019, Thursday

Greetings from our family to yours and Welcome to another TrailMagick89 missive,

Today I would like to talk to you about not giving money, or store bought supplies. Today I was thinking it might be interesting to discuss services that you could render. I have quite a few different friends, acquaintances, comrades, associates, and family members with quite a wide variety of different skills. Amongst them are lay people, pastors, construction workers, office personnel, restaurateurs, clothiers, furniture makers, police officers, pharmacists, teachers, farmers, caregivers, secretaries, custodians, maintenance personnel, politicians, insurance adjusters, grocers, and the list go on and on.

The reason for this list is to think about what kind of service you could share with someone. If you like doing research as I do, you could assist people with figuring out where to go to get paperwork filled out whether it is for disability or a lost license. If you like to cook or serve you could volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter, or you could go to a nearby trail and offer the same service for what is called trail magic.

As you know trail magic is unexpected acts of kindness. If you like building with your hands or working with wood you could volunteer at the local park service for fixing up a park pavilion, build a lean-to for the person in the woods, or even make cooking utensils. I have made some very sturdy spatulas, spoons, and forks for cooking over a fire with old solid barn wood.

If you like working with needle and thread there are many that go to day rooms and trail towns that could use some assistance with repairing clothing, tents (zippers die quickly, as do tent screens), windbreakers snag easy on brambles, close to expired food can be donated to shelters or taken to encampments right from grocery store shelves with permission from management. The list as you can see goes on and on. If you are a religious person and you want to share your beliefs you can go to shelters and hold studies based on those beliefs.

(Yes, I could be advocating for Christianity here, the problem is that even though Christianity is still strong in this country, when I was out on the trail or in an encampment, I saw young Muslim men and women talking with people, offering assistance, praying with people. I saw young wiccans come forward willing to tidy up a camp site and even offer to help carry gear and supplies for people so that the one receiving assistance was less burdened. Regardless, of how I feel about Christianity over other religions, (oh no, I called Christianity a religion), I saw quite a lot more people that were not Christian stepping up and asking for nothing in return and expecting nothing in return than I did actual Christians.)

If you like to knit or crotchet you could even think about going to shelters or day rooms and starting a knitting club there. If you have a few spare needles, all the better. I will tell you this, this time of year even though the homeless receive things for free, they truly love, mostly, giving handmade gifts to friends and family. Just like anyone else people love to learn new skills, if you have a teachable skill consider teaching it to someone else.

Unlike the popular belief that there are tons of people on welfare and they are always trying to mooch off the system, not all of them are like that, some do, I can not deny it, most if they thought they had something to contribute or had a way to make money they would become productive members of society. One gentleman I met lost his wife in divorce, the judge awarded her the house and the car, and he was left with the debt and very little money, right up to the end he was trying to save his marriage. He had worked at a restaurant with her when they met. He ended up at the same shelter I first went to.

After the divorce was final, he opened a new bank account, and everyday went out can-dogging, doing odd jobs, scrapping, and he put everything into the account, he went to the day rooms and the shelters for meals and clothing and supplies. Within six months he had saved enough money to open his own restaurant, his ex-wife and her boyfriend showed up wanting work.

He turned them down and he ended up in front of the same judge from his divorce hearing. His ex-wife tried to convince the judge that he had somehow cheated the courts out of knowing he had so much extra money when they were married. She wanted her share of the new restaurant. The judge ended up giving the ex-wife community service and ended up becoming a patron at the restaurant.

The judge stepped up and saw that she could offer unique assistance to someone in need. She brought friends with her and the restaurant was succeeding not just surviving within one year. What the ex-wife did not know was at one time the judge had been homeless and living on the very streets she swore an oath to protect. There are always ways that you can be proactive in life.

I met one couple, I believe at that time they were in the mid sixties; they would go down to one of the hardest places in Lansing to live outdoors, it was a city park where alcoholics, addicts, and prostitutes would go to come down off their latest high, this old couple made it their personal mission to visit there three times a week. They would take hats, scarves, and mittens that she crocheted, they would take soup in Styrofoam bowls that he had made and that is how they served. When they were done handing out what they had with them that day, they would go to their favorite bench and chat with the people that hung out there.

When the husband passed away, the funeral home was full to capacity by mostly people from that park. The day room was busy for three days as the people from that park went there to get cleaned up to attend the funeral. The day room ran out of soap, shaving razors, all the general supplies needed for people to get cleaned up.

Not everyone went to the funeral clean and sober, most of them did try though. After the funeral there was an anonymous donation of supplies to the day room of double what was used. So say it was the widow lady, though since I helped carry it into the building, I know it was a donation by people that when they were truly in need the day room stepped up. The widow lady started coming to the day room once a week and meeting with people there instead of at the park.

She said it was not because she was now alone, she had more friends than anyone I had ever met because of how generous her and her husband had been. She started coming to the day room because she saw the change it had made in the lives of her friends from the park and she liked the coffee better there than from the gas station that her husband had always stopped at.

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Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets

Keeping Warm

9 April 2019, Tuesday

Greetings from our family to yours and Welcome to another TrailMagick89 missive,

As Winter is ending here in the Eastern Midwest, I am reminded of those people that came out to Sanctuary to bring hot food on cold nights, pallets and sheet plastic to build structures, drivers for doctors appointments, visitors coming and going, volunteers, the pastors and other lay people, the children, the part timers, the college students, and the hundreds if not thousands of other people that came out to do whatever it was they came to do. We were always thankful for each and everyone of them. There is a story that Sweets just loves to share. A young man, a college student, had gone to the Whiskey Barrel one night with his friends and I believe his girlfriend. The doors were going to open in about fifteen minutes, and it was a cold night, we had gotten a few inches of snow on top of the ten or so we already had that year.

(Now when I talk about snow and how deep it is; keep in mind that in amongst the trees snow melts slower as the sunlight does not penetrate the canopy so easily, it drifts very easily though, so it gets deep passed the tree line.) Well, the young man had to use the restroom and the bouncer would not let him in just to use the restroom, so he crossed the street and came into Sanctuary. He had followed the main trail down into the trees and walked into an area that afforded him some protection from viewers up at the bar.

He began to relieve himself and as he was standing there Oscar, the Cat, walked up to him. Oscar was a very friendly cat and loved to love on people. Evidently, the young man did not see Oscar there walking up to him or hear her, (yes, Oscar was a female tabby,) as she meowed quite a lot.

That young man was so intent on getting out of there, he left one of his shoes, a penny loafer, it is a very distinct show design, right where he was standing. Cajun and I had been outside chopping wood when Oscar came running up to us. We had the experience in the past that if Oscar was running towards us, it was because someone had spooked her.

At the same moment that Oscar got into our camp; Sweets, Cajun, and I heard the young man start screaming, “Watch out there’s lions and bears in there!” and “Get out of my way!” Well that peaked our interest as to what was really going on, so we walked over to where Oscar’s tracks had come from and there in the yellow snow was a footprint with a penny loafer sitting on it’s side. That young man had run straight through about five feet of brambles, in knee deep snow with only one shoe on.

That was impressive. Well we retrieved the shoe and walked out to the line where everyone was standing and there in line was the young man with his friends, with the other penny loafer. He had no jacket or coat on, so his dress shirt, slacks and arms were a bit tore up where the brambles had latched onto him.

I held up the shoe and Cajun asked if anyone was missing a shoe. Nearly half the line pointed to the young man, his girlfriend and immediate friends were laughing pretty hard at him. He refused to take the shoe, “That’s not my shoe.”

After trying to convince him he could have it we walked away and headed to the door where the bouncer had been standing taking in this scene of two homeless guys trying to give this young man his shoe back. We handed him the shoe, explained what had happened, and began walking away. About that time Sweets walked out of the woods holding Oscar.

It was at that moment that everyone was laughing. The young man left the line, walked up to the bouncer, and left for the night. I shared that with you so that one you could enjoy a funny story and two to say, ‘Be Prepared.’ The young man, did not have the right shoes for walking in snow whether it was in the woods to go pee, or to be walking around in a couple inches of snow in a parking lot.

He also did not have anything covering his arms, which being bloody were also a shade of blue. We walked into a place that he did not know what he would experience. Being prepared when helping others, not only means having supplies to hand out but to also be well equipped to take care of yourself as well.

One Winter I was walking home down Grand River in Farmington Hills and a car had gotten stuck in the snow bank in a turn around lane. The driver did not have a shovel, salt or sand, gloves, a coat, he did not even have anyway to warn other drivers he was there, (yes it was snowing quite hard and he was driving a white car, ) he had nothing to help himself out. So please make sure to equip your vehicles with the right kind of equipment for Winter driving.

Also, make sure to have the right gear to wear in the off chance that you may need it. I was only two blocks from home and was dressed in layers. I ended up handing off my new gloves to him and one of my coats that I had on. I was prepared to walk the distance I had to go.

Please, if you are going to be out in the elements make sure that you are equipped to deal with them. I also make sure to keep an Army poncho with me when I know I will be in bad weather, whether it is rain, sleet, or heavy snow. Good ponchos make for a great additional outer layer. And in the snow someone dressed in green actually shows up.

Basically, it is wise to have in a small back pack in your vehicle the following, (remember cotton when it gets wet can make you cold (and potentially lead to serious health issues), wool when it gets wet will still act a warm layer until it has been exposed for a bit of time);
for your Torso: coat, jacket, flannel shirt, t-shirt, and long john top;
from the Waist down: underwear, long john bottoms, leggings, pants, snow pants;
for your Feet: foot warmers, two pair of wool socks, sock liners, boot liners, cold weather boots;
for your Hands: gloves, mittens, hand warmers;
for your Head and Neck: polarized sunglasses or goggles, cowl, scarf, ski mask, wool hat.

Remember, as you go through your day you sweat, even if you are in a cold office you will sweat. So, a fresh layer of under clothes can make you feel warm just by them being clean. You will also want to consider having protein bars, snacks, nuts, or other food that does not freeze and is sealed in a wrapper or bag so that it stays fresh and dry.

Foods that do not force your body to work hard to process it is better than a bag of chips, but if a bag of chips is what you have than that will work. The above list will also be good things to keep on hand when you might encounter someone else in need. Also, and I know people do not want to think about it, keep a couple of blankets or sleeping bags in your vehicles as well a space blankets, even window sun visors with the silver reflective on them, and a foam, not air sleeping pad.

Go with me on this. The sleeping pad is the base layer, then the sun visor with the silver reflective side goes underneath you shiny side up, then you either put a layer (if a sleeping bag, or two layers if blankets under you), then cover with the space blanket and then close the blankets or sleeping bag over the top. Remember, I thank you for reading this blog and I just want you to be safe this Winter, regardless of the climate you are in.

For Sweets and I that would be Michigan where one day, it is below freezing when we woke up and even colder by the time we go to bed, and in a couple of days it is supposed to be in the mid 50’s. Snow and ice the last couple of days and rain and mud a couple of days from now. Also an extra bag of sand comes in handy when getting stuck in the snow for creating traction for your tires, that same bag can also create extra weight in your vehicle to keep better traction in the snow, ice and slush.

And if you happen to be stranded for the night or until the tow truck or plow truck comes a little extra money will be handy to go somewhere to get out of the cold, whether it is a hotel room or an all night coffee shop.

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Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets

Winter Wonder Breakfast

4 April 2019, Thursday

Greetings from our family to yours and Welcome to another TrailMagick89 missive,

As I mention in another post about John and his buddies came out and made those in Wild West breakfast one wintry snowy day. John had been out the day before scouting out a spot to set up the chuck wagon style kitchen. Instead of a chuck wagon they were using folding tables, turkey fryer burners, cast iron skillets and a collapsible canopy hauled in on wild game sleds.

That was the usual mode of transportation for most of the supplies that quite a few people used to haul in supplies. John had showed up the previous Monday and announce what he and his buddies had in mind, with the question, “Would everyone be interested in some home cooked food out here?” Gnome piped up and said “yes”. So Gnome, Sweets, and I made it a point to mention it to anyone and everyone we came across what was going to be happening that upcoming Saturday.

We had traveled up and down the trails to all of the local sites and encampments to invite as many as was willing to come. We even came across one person that eventually set up camp in Wild West. The other residents weren’t to happy at first, though over time they came to consider Captain Pinky as one of their own. He was a little aggressive when it came to outsiders.

So whenever the local college kids would come into Wild West he was the one watching them. Some of those kids were a little unnerved by him and didn’t come back, others came down to visit and to get to know the residents of Wild West, and those few that came down to cause trouble he was basically the Wild West watchdog. More than a few were dragged out of Wild West by Captain Pinky holding onto their earlobe, apologizing as they went.

Anyway, John and his buddies arrived early to set up, just as the sun was coming up over Wild West. Because of the location of the encampment to the freeway and the thickness of the woods Sunrise was usually one hour later than the rest of the city and Sunset was usually an hour and a half to two hours earlier. It made for interesting visits from many people at odd hours day and night.

They brought in the canopy and had it up pretty quick, and as two of them were working on the canopy another member of John’s buddies started making hot chocolate. Once we had our first hot chocolate, for the first time in a few months, Cajun and I headed out to invite any last minute people to breakfast. When we returned two tables were set up; one for utensils, pots, pans, plates, cups – you name it, the table was loaded and the second table had steaming roaster pans already set out with hot food inside; there was Maple smoked sausage, thick cut bacon, fresh made drop biscuits, toast from homemade bread, farm fresh eggs, buckwheat flapjacks, sausage gravy, and then there was an Igloo cooler with more hot chocolate, coffee with creamer and sugar available, fresh orange juice, and fresh milk.

One of the guys brought some homemade Summer Sausage from a deer he had shot and another had brought in some smoke salmon that he had caught. The forest smelled amazing that day. Two other of the buddies had set up a simple washing station and were washing dishes as they were dirtied. Those two were even picking up trash from what they had created.

The members of Wild West were relatively clean when it came to keeping the encampment clean. Of course cigarette butts could be found, for the most part though they kept the community clean. I know on the news that waste and trash is part of every encampment. Usually that is because there isn’t a place to dispose of waste easily.

Wild West had access to a nearby dumpster where garbage bags could be dumped out into it and then be reused. John had brought close to twelve of his buddies and before breakfast was wrapped up that day about one o’clock probably three dozen people ate along with them. They came in to make a hard day in the woods better and it became a good day. They did just as they said they would do.

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Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets

Trekking Poles

2 April 2019, Tuesday

Greetings from our family to yours and Welcome to another TrailMagick89 missive,

What can we say about Sweets’ Trailbuddy’s Purple Plum Trekking Poles? Back when we looked into purchasing my pair of trekking poles: the Purple Plum poles were not in stock on Amazon, and they did not know when they would get more in. We found the TrailBuddy website and called the phone number that is listed only to hear an automated message from the phone company that it was no longer in service.

We then found the company on Facebook and sent a message to them. They responded within a couple of hours to our question of how long until the purple poles would be back in stock. Our suspicion was they were going to discontinue the Purple Plum poles. They said they were working on them and that they would send us a message when they were back in stock (which they did).

We have sent them a second message about their products and about our review; we have not heard back from them for three months. The poles are great and easy to use; each pole has two flip locking nuts that are easy to adjust and tighten so that they hold up to the stresses of being used. You need to make sure the screws are tightened before flipping the levers, however; if you can not flip them the screws are too tight, is so just loosen the screws a little until you are able to flip them.

This needs to be done to extend and shorten the poles. After they are extended to the desired length and tightened, put the poles in front of you and lean into them to make sure they are tight. They come with snow and mud baskets, rubber tips to convert them to walking poles. The covers slide onto them so as to prevent marking up rocks and vegetation.

They also come with two removable clips that will keep them together for carrying on a backpack, along with a carrying case. After the poles are purchased the company will send you an email containing a PDF with safety instructions. The downside is once you receive them they will not communicate any longer.

I have enjoyed using them these past few months. They have helped me get through the deep snow of Winter and the mud of Spring, and they have also helped keep me from falling while walking on ice. The poles are worth a five star review, however; the customer service is worth less than a one star review.

We appreciate that you stuck around until the end. If, you have found any value in this post, make sure to hit the “Like” button and “Subscribe” to TrailMagick89 blog. Please feel free to share your thoughts below. And until next time; make sure to seek peace within your own life. You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, and of course WordPress.

Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets

Our Bucket List, Our Gear List, & Many Definitions

Greetings from our family to yours and Welcome to TrailMagick89,

We thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of our current gear that we travel with and have on hand at a moments notice along with a list of definitions of words that we regularly use. Both lists will continue to grow and expand.

Gear on Hand:

  1. Everest Sling Bag
  2. Galaxy J3 Luna Cell Phone
  3. HP Detachable x2 Tablet
  4. Sawyer Mini Water Filter
  5. Terratrike Rover Tandem
  6. TrailBuddy Purple Plum Trekking Poles


  1. Backpacker: a person who travels or hikes carrying their belongings in a backpack.
  2. Blog: a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
  3. Blogger: a person who regularly writes material for a blog.
  4. Derealization-Depersonalization Disorder: involves a persistent or recurring feeling of being detached from one’s body or mental processes, like an outside observer of their life (depersonalization), and/or a feeling of being detached from one’s surroundings (derealization).
  5. Digital Nomad: are people who are location independent and use technology to perform their job.
  6. Epilepsy: a neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain.
  7. Gypsy: a member of a traveling people traditionally living by itinerant trade and fortune telling. Gypsies speak a language (Romany) that is related to Hindi and are believed to have originated in South Asia. A nomadic or free-spirited person.
  8. Homeless: an individual who lacks housing (without regard to whether the individual is a member of a family), including an individual whose primary residence during the night is a supervised public or private facility (e.g., shelters) that provides temporary living accommodations, and an individual who is a resident in transitional housing.” A homeless person is an individual without permanent housing who may live on the streets; stay in a shelter, mission, single room occupancy facilities, abandoned building or vehicle; or in any other unstable or non-permanent situation. And, An individual may be considered to be homeless if that person is “doubled up,” a term that refers to a situation where individuals are unable to maintain their housing situation and are forced to stay with a series of friends and/or extended family members. In addition, previously homeless individuals who are to be released from a prison or a hospital may be considered homeless if they do not have a stable housing situation to which they can return. A recognition of the instability of an individual’s living arrangements is critical to the definition of homelessness.
  9. Homeless Encampment: a transient or interim gathering or community residing out of doors on a site with services provided and supervised by a sponsor or managing agency comprised of temporary enclosures (tents and other forms of portable shelter that are not permanently attached to the ground), which may include common areas designed to provide food, living and sanitary services to occupants of the encampment.
  10. Nomad: a member of a people having no permanent abode, and who travel from place to place to find fresh pasture for their livestock.
  11. Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizure: Although psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) are events that appear to be similar to seizures, they are not caused by abnormal electrical brain activity. Instead, they are thought to have an underlying psychological cause.
  12. Psychotic Break (from reality): means losing contact with reality, such as hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling, or feeling something that has no external correlate (i.e., hallucinations) or believing something to be true that is false, fixed, and fantastic (i.e., a delusion) or being unable to sequence one’s thoughts or control a flight of ideas that becomes increasingly tangential (i.e., thought disordered), or emotions wildly inconsistent with external reality (such as catatonia, the wild flights of someone in a manic episode, or a complete absence of affect).
  13. Sanctuary: a place of refuge or safety. a nature reserve.
  14. Seizure: a sudden attack of illness, especially a stroke or an epileptic fit.
  15. Survival: the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances.
  16. Survivalist: a person who practices outdoor survival skills as a sport or hobby. a person who tries to ensure their own survival or that of their social or national group.
  17. Vagabond: a person who wanders from place to place without a home or job; having no settled home.
  18. Vlog: a personal website or social media account where a person regularly posts short videos.
  19. Vlogger: a person who regularly posts short videos to a vlog.
  20. Wanderer: a person who travels aimlessly; a traveler.
  21. Wigwam: a dome-shaped hut or tent made by fastening mats, skins, or bark over a framework of poles (as used formerly by some North American Indian peoples).

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Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets

No Soda for You Two

28 March 2019, Thursday

Greetings from our family to yours and Welcome to another TrailMagick89 missive,

Sweets and I had been in Sanctuary close to four months when we had quite the experience at the local liquor store. To lead up to that part of the story I need to first set the scene so that you have a better understanding of why it happened. Sweets and I moved out to Sanctuary about mid Autumn, our site was off in another part of the forest.

From the moment we moved out there we had found the people there to be interesting. The outside world viewed the homeless people as degenerates, alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, etc. Well, I am none of those, nor is Sweets.

We first met Matchstick and Pedro as they were arguing over campsites. Matchstick had had his site for five years and Pedro wanted it. Matchstick stands six feet six inches and was a carpenter before he moved to Sanctuary. Pedro was scrawny, at five feet, and mostly all mouth. I ended the argument by saying “hi”.

Pedro wheeled around and lost his train of thought. Matchstick returned to his tent to pee, the argument was over. By the end of the day we had met another dozen residents. And our first night we were constantly offered something strong to drink. We graciously declined.

They kept insisting they had to do something for us since we shared our meal with them. We were content with our coffee which they found they liked the way we made it. The next day Star showed up Yukon and Claus.

And we were invited back to the encampments common area for a community fire. As we sat and chatted we got to know Dutch, Quinton, Princess, Mayor, and the others that were there that night. The conversation drifted around to the spiritual side of life and Matchstick asked us what we believe and they shared what they believe.

We shared with them that God had showed us in scripture where he repeatedly told His people to “Go”, and they went. Well we had prayed about what we were supposed to do and where we were supposed to go. As we waited on the Lord, a couple of friends of mine were killed in Sanctuary due to a fire at their site.

After speaking with our pastor we went to Sanctuary. When we first arrived it was weird getting to know these people, people that we had a bit in common with but didn’t know. After we had been out there a couple of months we had the opportunity to tithe all we had which after a rough week of not making much money we found three pennies laying on the ground as we were heading to church. We tithed those three pennies and within the first month, people from all walks of life started showing up and donating supplies to our site that they had asked us to hand out to those in our encampment and to any others that we knew about in the Greater Lansing area.

Those three pennies became six thousand dollars in clothing, bedding, tents, clothing, food, and other items that we were able to hand out to people. We had gone to a community fire again after all that began and Jose called us, “homeless missionaries”. The name stuck. And as word spread that there was people there, in Sanctuary, willing to help we started receiving visits from the local police wanting to know if we could put up a site for people they had found under the freeway over passes, behind dumpsters, or anywhere else. We said “yes”.

We had become quite busy as the police had began informing us where other communities may be, we went searching for them and shared what supplies they needed. In the course of two months we had located a total of thirty one other encampments or sites. Then an associate pastor from a local church saw a newspaper article about Gnome and came looking for him.

Gnome had started off staying at a local shelter and ended up out there with us. The pastor started having Bible studies. And then we started having even more activities going on.

Those in our encampment invited us to move into the central part of the encampment, so we moved and built a wigwam. From the Wigwam we offered a hot meal, clothing, shelter, bedding, food, utensils, camping gear, and a Bible if they wanted it. We were sought out because we offered everything and didn’t expect someone to listen to a sermon before they received help.

Some took the Bible, some didn’t. We never forced it on anyone. We chatted about Jesus every night. We had communion with crackers and previously frozen boxed wine about once a week (that’s probably why we will NOT touch wine now). Even with all of the donations we even had people offering services to our community, bus passes were handed out, firewood was dropped off, bicycle repair began getting offered, meals were prepared by a few different groups, pallets were dropped off for building materials, rides were offered for people to visit their families, get to doctor’s appointments, phone calls were allowed to be made on cell phones, the efforts of so many people was truly amazing.

It was just after the annual Point In Time Count and Sweets and I decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air and to plan out our day. We ended up at a local liquor store wanting a couple sodas. We hadn’t even made it to the soda cooler when a voice from the front hollered, “We don’t serve your kind here. Get out.”

We headed towards the voice to find out what our kind was. Our pictures were up on the wall behind the register, pictures that were taken at a distance but were clearly us. We asked what was going on. Well it turns out that since we had moved out to Sanctuary sales of alcohol and tobacco products had dropped to the point that someone actually took our pictures without us knowing it and hung them like Wanted Posters on the liquor store wall.

They had been losing two to three hundred dollars a week in sales and the store owners were blaming us. At no point did we push our beliefs on others we just did what we do and didn’t use alcohol or tobacco products. Our examples, all of us, Sweets, myself, you the reader of this post influence people everyday.

We appreciate that you stuck around until the end. If, you have found any value in this post, make sure to hit the “Like” button and “Subscribe” to TrailMagick89 blog. Please feel free to share your thoughts below. And until next time; make sure to seek peace within your own life. You can also find us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, and of course WordPress.

Semper Fidelis, Elroy & Sweets

Purple Day 2019

26 March 2019, Tuesday

Greetings from our family to yours and Welcome to another TrailMagick89 missive,

Today is International Epilepsy Day also known as Purple Day. The actual color of Epilepsy is Lavender but Purple is so much easier to remember. The color lavender and the Lavender plant are known for calming the brain and the access static that goes on in the brain.

I could say “Happy Purple Day”, however; it would be better to say “Happy Former Purple Day”. Epilepsy is a vicious disease that the awareness for it is mostly silent. I recently read an article that stated for every one hundred friends a person has on social media one person has Epilepsy.

We live in a town of twenty-five hundred so that means based on the above statistics that there are twenty-four other people in this town that have my disease. Yes, I own the disease it does not own me. Please make sure to educate yourself and your friends and family about this disease that kills more people than breast cancer.

There is also “Six Degrees of Separation” that states that anyone on planet earth is separated from anyone else on the planet at a maximum of five other people. Which means that for everyone that reads this post you are connected to Elton John, Lil Wayne, Danny Glover, Jason Snelling, Neil Young, and Susan Boyle by Six Degrees of Separation just to name a few people.

SUDEP – Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy is very dangerous; which is known for killing Prince and Theodore Roosevelt from complications related to Epilepsy. Each day eighty-seven people are diagnosed with Epilepsy. Eighty percent of people diagnosed with my disease go under-treated or untreated due to the country they live in or their financial situation; meaning of those eighty-seven people sixty-nine of them go without sufficient help to deal with Epilepsy.

Grand-mal seizures are what most people associate with Epilepsy, however; there are forty forms of Epilepsy with six hundred different types of seizures. So knowing that someone standing right next to you at the bus stop, or behind you at check-out at your local grocery store, or in the seat next to you at the movie theatre could be seizing and you would not know it. On top of that it could be their last seizure due to SUDEP.

Remember earlier I mentioned that sixty-nine people go without proper care for Epilepsy; ten percent of each village, town, township, and city across America is part of the homeless population. In my twenties and thirties I was friends with two men that had Epilepsy; the first, Alan, had seizures triggers by repetitive sounds or lights, and the second, Lee, his seizures were triggered by stress which most of the time was sirens in the distance, honking horns, city noise. These two men had it rough and for most of their seizures, they did not experience Grand-mals.

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